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​강사지원/Job Application

BizTalk has been offering a variety of business language programs in many different languages since 1997. 

We receive applications on an ongoing base and are always looking for qualified and responsible teachers and instructors who are not only capable but who also have a passion and value for genuine education. 

To apply, submit your information via the form at the bottom of this page. 


  • Primary requirement: fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or other languages

  • Prior experience in teaching adults or in corporate field (preferred) 

BizTalk's evaluation standards for instructors 

  • Attitude

It is not the talent that impresses others, but the attitude towards the true value of things in our life.' is BizTalk's philosophy.  A great attitude is the first step towards creating a high level of learning satisfaction. 

  • Communication Skill

The abilities to understand and communicate with others are fundamental in education.  A good communication skill can motivate learners to focus better on their learning. 

  • Teaching Skill

Teaching is not just transferring knowledge to others.  A candidate should have a good organizing skill to perform the lesson systematically and effectively. 

  • Language Skill 

A candidate must be fluent in a language. It means the candidate must have a good understanding of the language grammatically and technically.  Also, the great understanding of the culture and its people is important to enhance learners' understanding of the language. 

혹은 / OR

Apply here
TESOL 과정 이수 여부 / Did you complete the TESOL?
강의가능지역 / Available Area (multiple choice)
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